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Vehicle was stolen. Insurance company paid 13500 of the 15000k balance. They asked for the balance and threatened to turn over to collection.

Spoke with several people in there company and never got call backs when was told they would. Very rude and pushy people when I have never been late on a payment with making 11 payments. I am making payments as noted until balance is paid but still am being told will be reported as late.

They do not have a direct pay offering. Your payments can be set up with Western Union with some time and says there is a fee but after a long ordeal of setting up you find there is not one. Western Union will pull from your account at random dates I have found.

I have never had one conversation with this company that has been pleasant. When you call them and go thru the prompts "try it" you are treated like a criminal bill payer not a consumer for a car loan.

I would make any other choice of getting a car loan! Horrible Company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Consumer Portfolio Services Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

I didn't like: Rude customer service.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #1049217

Your insurance paid for actual cash value and not replacement cost. This came about because you are upside down in the deal, no doubt because it was YOU who put little or no money down, extended the loan out too long and because of the high interest rate.

You received the high interest rate because this is a subprime lender. If you wouldn't have destroyed your credit reputation prior to this loan, you would have been financed by a bank with a much lower APR. You didn't chose CPS, you were placed with them because no bank wanted to do business with you. Bottom line here is you are on the hook for the entire contracted amount because you put yourself into an upside down loan situation.

They want their money because YOU said you would pay back their money.

None of your complaints have any basis. Make your payments on time and there won't be any problems.

to Anonymous Lake Mary, Florida, United States #1049341

Wow you really think you told this person something they didnt already know? I wonder how long it took you to think this through.

Anyhow the moral of the story here is to not be late. Make sure you have Gap insurance to cover the not putting down enough money.

Don't argue with them Just call Morgan and Morgan or an attorney that will work off a percentage of what they collect. There is a limit as to how often they can call you and when

to VodkaHungry #1161484


Since they are NOT a third party collector, they are NOT covered by the FDCPA. They can call whenever they want.Its amazing the things which happen when you pay your bills on time...bill collectors don't call!

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1180252

Just curious.... Do you work for them?

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